England could still host World Cup 2022

World Cup hosts Qatar could be stripped of hosting the tournament in 2022 after FIFA decided to start investigating the bidding process that won them the chance to host the world show piece in 4-years time.

World Cup Qatar 2022
Qatar who have never played in the World Cup finals won the the rites to host the 2022 World Cup

After controversy surrounding the World Cup winning bids of Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022, German media outlet Focus is reporting via a source in Saudi Arabia that England or USA are being lined up as backup options if FIFA decide to strip Qatar of the 2022 World Cup Finals.

FIFA recently changed the procedures for the voting process for any future World Cup bids after trying to clean up the world football governing body since the sacking of former head Sepp Blatter.

FIFA, have no choice but to allow this summers World Cup in Russia to go ahead even though many have questioned corruption behind the winning bid as they do with Qatar. However, with four-years to go, FIFA will wait until this summers World Cup is over before announcing that Qatar will no longer host the tournament.

Apart from the bidding process, questions have been asked around workers rights and conditions during the building of infrastructure in the Arab state. Many workers from poorer asian countries such as India and Pakistan have been paid low wages and put in poor conditions. Workers have also died during the construction of stadiums because of the extreme heat.

Many people in European football have also expressed concern at holding the tournament during the mid-season. Nearly all the top European leagues, including the Champions League will be disrupted for one-month while the tournament goes on.

With England and USA on standby, fans will be hoping one of the countries is awarded the rite to host without going back to a bidding process. Both nations already have the stadium and infrastructure to host the games tomorrow.