How to solve Liverpool’s defence

After another terrible game of defensive mistakes this afternoon at Wembley, we are now asking the same questions again, how do you solve a problem like Liverpool’s defence?

Liverpool's defence
Liverpool lost 4-1 away to Tottenham, but it was a case of same old…same old for Jurgen Klopp’s men in Liverpool’s defence

In a 4-1 defeat to Tottenham in the late afternoon kick-off at Wembley Stadium, the Reds started off slow and where punished by a Spurs team who are on the top of their game.

Every single goal conceded by Liverpool this afternoon was from defensive mistakes, two from the error prone Dejan Lovren, one from Joel Matip and last but not least one from Simon Mignolet.

It was an afternoon of fear for Liverpool.  From the offset it seemed as though Lovern was concerned and feared Spurs striker Harry Kane. And it was that fear that led to the first two goals in the opening 15 minutes of the game, which saw the Reds out of the game before it even got started.

Again the media, pundits and fans alike are asking the same old questions they have for the last four years.  When will Liverpool replace the same defensive back-line that was put together by former manager Brendan Rodgers?

Dejan Lovren, a player purchased by Rodgers in the summer of 2014, who has made mistake after mistake in the last three year at the club.  Why he is in a Liverpool shirt week in week out is beyond me.

Then we move on to Simon Mignolet, another player who has made mistakes on a consistent basis.  After yesterdays game he become the player with the most mistakes that have lead to goals in the Premier League.  A record no player wants.  He only sits in the Liverpool first team as they don’t have any backup goalkeepers any better than him.

Questions also need to be asked of the management and the scouting team at Anfield.  Why was a £40m midfielder in Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain signed for a squad already packed with talented midfielders, when everyone knows the defensive issues need resolving with new signings?

Putting all their eggs in one basket for Virgil Van Dijk was a poor move.  A backup defender in case that deal did not happen should have been lined up.

I wouldn’t blame Jurgen Klopp’s tactics for the defensive failings at Liverpool, more the individual errors, which means only one thing, those players need replacing as nothing is going to change as long as they continue playing in the first team.